Eduardo Shiota Yasuda is a front-end engineer, designer, and occasionaly writer and speaker. He handcrafts clean, readable, scalable code and interfaces; believes that Math and Design are everywhere.

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Dev in Sampa 2011 - UX for Developers

Following the tradition, this year’s Dev in Sampa, event promoted by @tinogomes, @nuxlli and @lfcipriani, brought us high quality geeky presentations, ranging from @lucashungaro‘s practical SOLID approach, to @chesterbr‘s mind blowing “Atari 2600 Development” presentation. And in between, great food, great conversations, and the chance to meet new people and old friends.

My presentation @ Dev in Sampa 2011. Original:

My presentation was, like last year, far away from the other presentations themes. While everyone talked about programming and hacking — like @qmx about VM Design, @renatoelias about event-driven programming, @wcolen and @wseidel about language processing, or even @klauswuestefeld about Sovereign Computing — I decided to step away from the code, and talk about… the user. My whole presentation may be defined in one single quote:

The user is NOT stupid. YOU are the one who’s too cocky. #thereIsaidIt

If you are interested in watching the whole presentation (and you know pt-BR or are willing to translate the whole content =]), here is the video:

And here are the slides:

And I recommend watching every other Dev in Sampa presentation, specially Chester’s Atari 2600 one: you’ll never complain about today’s languages again. =]

You can see more photos of the event here:

Update: You may find the reference links here