Eduardo Shiota Yasuda is a front-end engineer, designer, and occasionaly writer and speaker. He handcrafts clean, readable, scalable code and interfaces; believes that Math and Design are everywhere.


Eduardo Shiota Yasuda was born in October 18 1985, and his email is You may read his CV in PDF.

Studied Computer Science at USP for two years, but quit because he thought life was more human than that. Decided to study Graphic Design at Centro Universitario Senac, and finally got his B.A. Nowadays, he does both things.

As a programmer, believes that code should be clean, elegant, optimized and readable to other developers. As a designer, likes well structured information, clean and clear layouts, and is a Swiss Design adept. As a front-end developer, believes in semantic documents, near-hackless CSS, loves JavaScript and its good parts, and loves Front-end Modular Architectures.

Occasionaly, speaks at some events and companies about Front-end Architecture, and User Experience. Has spoken at RubyConf, QCon, The Developers Conference, Congresso E-Commerce Brasil, Tableless Conf, Dev in Sampa, OlhóSEO, Dev in Vale, and PechaKucha Night São Paulo.

He is fluent in English and knows a little bit of Japanese.

Loves to cook, plays the piano in his free time, photographs whenever he can, and hates parsley.

You may visit his LinkedIn for recommendations and more information, visit his Github to check his commits and code styles, or visit his Twitter for cool links and random thoughts.